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There are many disorders that interfere with normal human brain function. The neurological disorder which affects the area in the brain that controls how you sleep is known as narcolepsy. Folks suffering with the disorder can find help for reducing the symptoms at a Chicago sleep medicine center.

The disorder can cause the person to suddenly lose control of their muscles and experience extreme drowsiness during the day. The symptoms are often caused by intense emotions. The individual suffering with this disorder can fall asleep during activities such as driving a car, working, or cooking.

There are a number of things a person can do to lessen their symptoms, improve their alertness, and help to enjoy a normal life. Currently, there is no permanent remedy for this disorder. There are however, therapies to help with controlling the symptoms so folks who are suffering with the disorder can perform and enjoy activities of daily living.

Therapies will vary according to the particular symptoms an individual experiences. Therapy plans will typically combine medications, counseling, and lifestyle changes. Depression is also common in folks who suffer with the disorder. It is easy to understand that depression is caused when the embarrassing symptoms keep a person from living normally.

Many folks will become reclusive and withdraw from society because they are afraid of losing control of their muscles, falling, or suddenly falling asleep. Help is available for these folks when they reach out to counselors and support groups. Sleep centers are able to offer medical therapies in addition to counseling and support.

People who suffer with this often debilitating disorder can live normally when they find help for the symptoms. Making lifestyle changes in addition to counseling and support will decrease the symptoms. Additionally, learning how to manage stress and following a physician’s recommendations will make a significant impact on managing this chronic disorder.

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