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Experts all over the world have been testing and developing new and more accurate communication and data systems. While the Department of Defense is primarily concerned with war-time applications, there are many civilian uses for new technologies, such as the modern military antenna. Government has a number of merchants who represent them in the private sector.

Covering frequencies of VHF up to 137 MHz and GPS to 1575.42 MHz is the VHF/GPS. This portable piece of equipment has been known to fit the 26.5 dB gain GPS panel mount system. As such, one can find these on small aircraft such as helicopters or ultralight airplanes, as well as yachts and even luxury cruise ships.

Many businesses require a home-base style of equipment, and this can be utilized with the UHF/DECT. Drivers of all varieties, from taxi cabs to tractor trailers running locally have utilized this technology in order to maintain communication. Keeping constant tabs on those who work behind the wheel helps to keep everyone safe.

For the daily household application, a UHF/W-LAN is the perfect item of technological equipment that the whole family can use. These antennas can keep the whole family connected through wifi signals that make cell phones and computers all part of the household communication program. The old-fashioned dinner bell has gone digital.

Many modern conveniences have their history in war-time applications, as this is when technological advancements have always increased ten-fold. These leaps in modernization have occurred in the medical industry as well as automobiles and the development of urban infrastructure. In fact, the highway system itself was originally developed by Dwight D. Eisenhower in order to move equipment more efficiently from East to West across the United States, in preparation for deployment.

Items which were used by the Army, Navy, or Marines can even be purchased from surplus stores all over the country. These can hail from the more recent activities in the Middle East, back to our conflict in Vietnam. Any returning Vet would appreciate a gift of equipment that they grew accustomed to using during their stay abroad, or perhaps even antennas which are basically museum pieces at our present level of technological advancement.

For those who were able to remember the first Desert Storm conflict, there was a great deal of consternation regarding sand and dust particles getting inside equipment, including guns and cannons. The decades spent fixing these problems are easily seen in the improvements of electronics utilized in recent years. These newer antennas should be rugged and ready to pick up even the most faint of signals without picking up every particle of dust in the air.

Anyone with or without previous service in the armed forces would be pleased to receive the gift of long-range communication. There are many Department of Defense merchants online who can provide assistance to private individuals wishing to make a purchase. Do not forget to visit the old Army/Navy surplus store and see what they have in store this time.

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