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‘Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscles’ is a 340 page eBook written by a natural bodybuilder. However, not every book is worth your time, nor is every piece of advice something that you should follow. So, a brief overview of Burn the Fat reviews can give you a better idea of whether this is where you want to invest your time and money.The book was written by bodybuilder Tom Venuto. He wrote the book to explain how he sees healthy fat loss and muscle gain occurring, and how people can harness their body’s abilities. There are meal plans included in the book, which gives structure for those who appreciate it. However, people usually do not follow diets in books forever, so there needs to be a way to transition to eating other foods.The information the book gives on foods to avoid is helpful in terms of moving towards making your own diet. Between the foods that you should not eat and the meal plans provided, readers should be able to put together new meals that meet the book’s requirements. Supplements are considered, but mostly not advocated, as the author apparently finds them to be mostly gimmicks.Body type is discussed in a realistic manner, which is always good. Diet and muscle-building books tend to either assume everyone works the same, or categorize people by things that do not affect their fat and muscle at all, such as blood type. A good look at how people differ relates to where fat accumulates, metabolism patterns, and more.A focus on the author’s idea of health is evident in the book, although some people would argue that maintaining an extremely low body fat percentage like the author and other bodybuilders do is in fact not that healthy. However, it is definitely true that there are more health consequences known involving being overweight than having low body fat.There is a good discussion of losing weight being different from losing fat in the book, which is important. When a dieter loses weight, they usually lose mostly water, with the remaining portion split equally between fat and muscle. Fat loss is a complicated topic and more difficult to accomplish than pure weight loss, but it is the better option from a health perspective.Exercise is an important component of any fitness plan, and especially one written by a bodybuilder. Fat loss can be assisted without increasing muscle loss by adding exercise, and of course, exercise is a requirement of any muscle building plan. Bodybuilders exercise to the extreme in many cases, but this is not necessarily good for you, either.Burn the Fat reviews are optimistic about the book’s promise. Many people claim to have already lost large amounts of weight and/or reached very low body fat goals with the assistance of the book. Apparently, the sale comes with nearly another 100 pages of ‘bonus’ material, details about which are not supplied. tenni shoes . Overall, the book appears to be a solid investment in health, emphasizing practicality and becoming a leaner, fitter person.You will find more information about the best belly fat burning diets and honest burn the fat reviews on our site, right now.


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